Hello, my name is Amy.
I'm 18. I'm from Birmingham, I love Harry Potter, it's my whole childhood. I have just finished a 2 year photography course and am getting into the business.
I blog practically everything, from my favourite tv shows; The Mentalist, Glee, House, HIMYM and so on, to Harry Potter, to girly things, and hilarious things. I also post a lot about myself, including long rants, and detailed stories.

Pottermore name: SeekerOwl55

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I have some followers left!!!

And now I’m in my own place and I have my beautiful computer back in my possession from my mom and dads, I think I’ll go back to rotting on Tumblr my whole life!!!!

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Cos I’m such a class girlfriend

I did an operation hamper for the Mr’s birthday next tuesday.

He’s having an operation on the thursday and he has to rest for a week, so I did him a nice little hamper, starting at the bottom we have 4 bottles of newcastle brown, his favourite ale, followed by some tissue paper, followed by a few bags of counters and minstrels, ‘cos he’ll look like galaxy in a few years, followed by more tissue paper, followed by series 5 of the big bang theory for him to watch.

oh and then the soppy card declaring my undying love for him.

I’m so good.

But now I’m bloody skint. 

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Night Photography


Anybody out there know of any photographers that documented places of a night time would be really helpful for my artist research if I could find some new photographers to talk about. 

oooh night photography

what am i missing?!

we never did night photography!! omg


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That was 6 years ago.
Oh my life. 

That was 6 years ago.

Oh my life. 

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Anyone in Brum wana book an Ann Summers party message me :)
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I’m at home, waiting for the Mr, doing Ann Summers stuff, even though the party got cancelled tomorrow

still gonna post.

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Whenever I watch this I forget it’s Daniel Radcliffe playing a bunch of other people and not a bunch of other people dressed as Daniel Radcliffe.

reminder that daniel actually had to wear a bra for this

Actually, this is the first time I ever gave Daniel Radcliffe credit as an actor. Because hell the first time I saw it I forgot it was him doing all of them; he picked up on the nuances of speech and body language really incredibly well. <3

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my boyfriend got his old job back, which is great ‘cos he’s really happy, but its 4am starts and 12 hour days, and he’s asked me to move in so that we get to at least go to bed together every night, even if we can’t spend time together in the evening, but this new job means we can save up quicker for our own place, but is it so bad that I don’t wana live with his parents?
I mean I love them and everything, but I hoped that when we lived together it’d be on our own kind of thing.

oh life.  

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